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  Tour De Force  

Tour De Force was created by experienced adventurist Duncan Milligan ā€“ a man who has never had a proper job in his entire life and is very proud of this fact. Having clocked up a fair number of hours behind the wheel in more weird places than he cares to remember, Duncan has been bogged up to the axles in every type of sand, sludge and excrement known to man. Not to mention breaking down (both mentally, physically, and mechanically) in all manner of deserts, mountains and jungles. In creating Tour De Force, Duncan aimed to bring this vital experience to those with outlandish enough ideas to really need it.

That was then, and now Tour De Force is big and ugly enough to bring together a whole range of people and skills under one extraordinary large and oddly shaped roof. Still under the oversight of Duncan.

As a business, Tour De Force has offered practical help on everything from event and production management, to adventure logistics, trip planning and onsite support. Specialising in those projects which make most adventure companies go ā€˜Iā€™m sorry, I must of misheard, you want to do what? . . . . ‘

As you can imagine, we also put together a fairly interesting presentation.

So whether you simply have an idea sketched on the back of a beer mat, or an on-going project short of vital experience, enthusiasm or confidence, we would love to hear from you.

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