Duncan MilliganFounder and Director

    Duncan has been travelling all his life. His formative years growing up in the Middle and Far East lead to a life of travel and adventure. He has spent the last 15 years working in the adventure travel industry. This included driving overland through Africa, South America and Asia, undertaking such journeys as London to Cameroon, Kathmandu to London (via Tibet and Central Asia) and numerous journeys through Saharan and Sub-Saharan, West Africa.

    As a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, he has chaired their Vehicle Dependent Expedition Panel, whilst also hosting Adventure Planning Seminars at The Adventure Travel Show on numerous occasions. His skills as a logistics manager and fixer have been utilised on many long distance classic car endurance events, including Peking to Paris, London to Cape Town and Buenos Aires to Ushuaia.

    He has worked as an Event Manager on numerous wild adventures, organising charity car rallies through Central Africa, rickshaw journeys in Peru and the world’s first Para motor race in America. Other projects include being part of a team taking the world’s first road legal flying car on an expedition from London to Timbuktu.