Jim AllenConsultant

    If TDF is your essential travel kit, then Jim is most definitely a walking Swiss Army knife.

    A life of travel, first growing up in the Middle East, then a military career (with operational tours to Bosnia, Northern Ireland and the Gulf) was the beginning of Jim’s adventures. A qualified private investigator, expedition medic, and a SIA close protection security consultant. Jim has trained staff from various news organisations, including the BBC, on how to operate safely in hostile environments, from riots to war zones. He has worked in various hot spots such as Jerusalem, Kiev and Bangladesh.

    Jim has also been involved in various long distance classic car events, including Peking to Paris (twice), London to Cape Town, and Singapore to Mandalay to name but a few.

    Jim has driven overland throughout Africa, South America and Asia, using his mechanic skills to fix any number of different vehicles, from 4×4 to trucks. These skills, plus his knowledge of bush-craft, a Mountain Leader qualification and powerboat skipper make him an excellent asset for any adventure.