Local PartnersRight people in the right places

    Pivotal to our experience of travelling around the world over the years has been the people we’ve met along the way. We wouldn’t have had half the fun, seen even a modicum of the places we’ve been to or enjoyed a fraction of the experiences we’ve had, were it not for the good fortune we’ve had to meet some truly inspirational people along the way.

    From Saharan guides to Indian rickshaw drivers and Patagonian gauchos, we know the right people in the right places. It is these working relationships, turning into friendships, which allow us to find experiences that most people would never even know existed. These inspiring people, who were and still are generous enough to share their knowledge, give us their time and invite us into the magic of completely different worlds.

    Their passion for the places they live in, what they do and the pride they take in sharing that joy, affords our clients a uniquely immersive experience – we are privileged to work with them.